We strive to keep our tuition affordable for our families.   Tuition for Countryside Montessori is a yearly fee divided into monthly payments.   A discount is given for a year's tuition paid in full upon enrollment.   Siblings also receive a discount.  Weekly payments are available, but include a convenience fee.  Tuition prices vary depending on the age of your child and the program.  Please speak with a staff memeber or tour the school to recieve information specific to your family. 

A five percent discount is applied to the school year tuition if paid in full upon enrollment. Tuition paid is not refundable.

Each additional sibling receives a ten percent discount on  his or her tuition.  


The materials fee is $250 per student.     This fee is due upon enrollment for new students.   All students pay this fee each July regardless of enrollment date.

Late Pick Up
For every minute after your normal pick up time, $1 per minute charge per child applies, unless extended care is arranged in advance.   The late fee is due that day.   Your child may not return to class until the fee is paid.   Parents and/or guardians signing the enrollment agreement are responsible for payment of the fee.   
Late Tuition
For tuition paid after the fifth of the month, there is a $35 charge per child.     After the tenth of the month, the late charge is $45 per child. Students with  tuition not paid by the fifteenth of the month may not return to class until account is brought up to date. The records of any student with a delinquent  account will be place on hold and not released until full payment has been  made.      
Returned Checks
A fee of $35 will be charge for a returned check.

Program Changes--If increasing your child's program, kindly give at least one week's notice.   Decreases in your child's program require at least one month's notice or a fee of $100 will be incurred.   Rather than charging higher weekly or monthly tuition,   we base our tuition on a yearly charge.   Therefor,e it is necessary that we  set school programs, curriculum, and staffing accordingly.   In order to keep prices as low as possible, it is necessary for our families to support this.   Changes in programs affect not only your child, but also the entire school so kindly limit them to semester changes, changes in parents employments and such.   You may not change or start and stop enrollment due to school holidays and such.                    

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