Admission Countryside Montessori is open to all children ages 2 months to first grade, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, or national or ethnic origin who are ready to begin school.   The school determines readiness for school.

Enrollment Procedure

First, tour the school with your child and meet with the director or assistant director.

Read all enrollment information, the handbook, and the application given to you on the visit. It may be helpful if you write down any questions you may have.

Evaluate your educational goals for your child.   Discuss them with us so we may share how the Montessori environment will allow your child to work at their own pace to reach and often exceed educational goals.

If you wish to enroll your child, call for an appointment to complete the enrollment process. We prefer that both parents be present; however, we realize this is not always possible.  

At the time of your enrollment, please provide the following: health records, doctor's statement, and materials fee.

All children are on a thirty-day probation period to ensure that our school fits their specific needs.   After this initial period, enrollment is expected to continue for the year round school cycle ending in May unless family needs require a change in the student's status.   Changing your child's attendance schedule requires one month's notice.   You may change your child's schedule as your work or college schedule needs change; however, the one month's notice is important to insure the children's environment adjusts to the change in a positive manner.

By enrolling in Countryside Montessori, parents recognize the importance of the work their child from birth to educate himself or herself in a hands on manner in a specially prepared Montessori environment in which each child is allowed to work at his or her own pace.   Parents understand the importance of each 3 year cycle of learning and the importance of continuing enrollment to allow their child to complete the cycle of learning.   Early withdrawal interrupts this cycle and should be reserved for unavoidable instances.   Withdrawal does require one month's notice.

Families enrolling in Countryside Montessori realize they are making an important contribution not only to their own child's education but to all of our students.   Each person and family in our school community contributes to the whole in their own way.   By building a good working relationship with staff and families, communicating educational goals, actively learning about the Montessori Method, and contributing to the school in meaningful ways such as through the parent/teacher group, each parent can help the school continue to grow to meet the needs of each child.   New classrooms and levels are added as needed.   Please let us know your future goals for your child so we can work with you to meet them.

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